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wandering between

redwoods and chaparral

Winding paths meander up and down the hillsides, in and out of shade and mist, the variety of views as remarkable as the range of sounds and silences. How to grasp the vast newness, as I wander the slopes overlooking the gleaming mirror of the Pacific? Naming should orient me. But adrift in the far West equipped with only the words of other continents, I am bereft.  Relieved that by nature, forgetting comes easily to me. As always, death waits on the edges, coiled and drowsy, or padding through the soft dust, impervious to my domesticating designs. Unknown, unknowing, unknowable beauty is dangerous territory. Remember your sturdy boots, your walking stick.

Flora Sinensis, Michał Piotr Boym, 1656

fire  earth  metal  water  wood

After the long decades of  logging, among those still standing are the ones named: Hyperion, Helios, Icarus, Stratosphere Giant, Orion, Lauralyn, Paradox, Apex  and   Immortal  Tree.

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